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August 07 2014


The range of Funds of Rp 8 millions of very flexible Select Duck Seken 2 years of usage

Funds in the range of $ 8 million, is actually very flexible to choose underbone seken. In addition the option year is also not very elders. Longest 2 years of usage. Harga Minerva R150VX The Motor that can be used as a reference is the Honda Revo. Much for a budget, the brother could be the output motkas 2012.

"General condition new motor that a year or two years of usage is still good. If there are conditions to note such Harga kawasaki Ninja 250 FI fast moving change filter oil change, brake shoes, it took the Most. check and service was nothing more than Rp 300 thousand, "said Azhar's former motor trader in Tebet, South Jakarta.
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