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August 07 2014


Cheap World Racing Superbike Cancel?

Mid-July, the plan of deployment EVO Class (EC) at the World Superbike (WSBK) next season finally cancelled. Cancellation after the filing of the objection of the manufacturer of the contestants WSBK.

This means that in the next season the team contestants WSBK, as Yamaha Kawasaki, Ducati and Aprilia can still be creative for preparing bulk 1000 cc motorcycle.

Previously the WSBK test Regulation EC Central this season with the intention of emphasizing the cost to research motor. Technical specifications of the motor to the EC remains to 1,000 cc SUPERBIKE CHAMPIONSHIPS before. But, the difference is an electronic system used refers to the class of superstock Daftar Harga Motor CBR Electrical system the superstock so support race TEAMS is still the standard.
It turns out the fact the existence of EC are similar to the Open Class in the MotoGP. It happened in the race, showed the race WBSK
the balance between user classes of EC and non-EC. Motormotor non EC proved much faster on the track because it uses higher technology and sophisticated than users of EC motor.

Evident from the nine series which has been held only the motor from the category of non-capable EVO came out as the winner of the race. Look at WSBK rider who uses a motor-motor EC as locally abundant grid only. This has resulted in some manufacturers threatened to get out of the competition if the regulation remain forced. EVO

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