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June 25 2015


Face of Assen, Rossi Kapok Start from the third row

Face of Assen, Rossi Kapok Start from the third row
Valentino Rossi is already fed up of having to start from the second or third row due to poor performance in the qualifying session. Face the Netherlands MotoGP this weekend, the Movistar Yamaha racers was determined to perform better in practice sessions and qualifying.

The Doctor is indeed the most consistent in the tread of the stairs to the podium this season, but lost to the number of victories of the tandem, Jorge Lorenzo grabbed the winning streak in the last four series. Lorenzo is known very strong in qualifying, and this makes Rossi felt should be better again.

"For the sake of a fight with Jorge, I have to improve performance and focus. Jorge is better than me in qualifying. Now everything is so much more difficult because the other motor is also fast, but my device and Jorge are the same, so I have to be better, "said Rossi as reported by Crash.net.

Rossi ever believed he was not yet fully unleashed the potential of the YZR-M1. "Start from the third row is very difficult. Although he had a good race rhythm, I still lost a lot of time mend position because Jorge was already far ahead. We have to understand the potential of motor and ban us, "lid. http://dewi.soup.io
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