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Suzuki TS 125

Gas Gas motorbike trial-made type Randone Amrik. Two-wheeled type of commonly used trial Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX 2014 game enthusiasts the world level.  But, for Benny Clay Rozaly, a specialist adventure builder Reference BCL (BCLR), Banyumas, baseball needs to buy Randone. Suzuki TS125 design shear enough so Randone.

Randone ala Banyumasan is suitable for Benny blusukan (exploration) are hooked in the wild. The draft really is in Harga Yamaha R25 sync with Randone wake for short tracks with steep climbs and derivative. Not surprisingly, these stylised trial modifications are more suited to the style of track traveled around the island of Java. "Make a trial Model of traction and tight fitting. Easily controlled and baseball tired, "explained this friendly guy.
 The basic concept of the trial make chassis lightly. The goal that eces are invited to jump in and lightly dibopong if slipping or terjerembab. Hence, the chassis design focus Benny lightly and fit model as a reference Gas Gas trial form. "The chassis, just down tube and original komstir used. The rest I use 1-inch steel pipe as a new chassis to the middle section of the piece, "Benny who had a workshop on JL. Raya No. 3, Embankment Embankment, Banyumas, Central Java this.

The form Rundone that slim body wrapped with PVC material sharing trial. But, fixed reference application form Rundone. As sepatbor front sepatbor back the mini and made like a motor that is good at jumping. Thanks to the material PVC, Benny is not afraid of falling. So, this very pliable sepatbor.

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