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Yamaha Mio Soul, Eit.., Radiators Popped Tuh!

Wacky pisan. Participate in class Matic Racing Look, Elton Pratama thus lower motor racing official Yamaha Cuzztomtic 5 Bandung region. No responsibility-the responsibility of cooling technology, so Yamaha Mio Soul mainstay 2012. But, not Em-Plus wrong call ya. Indeed this skubek indeed replace bodi Fino. But the original, o Mio Soul.

A matter of cooling technology that is carried, Elton admitted using radiator for maximizing machine skubeknya the bore up to 150 cc Harga Yamaha new Vixion "Moreover, alight at Matic Race, lap or lap more than kejurda event or club event. So endurance is very important, "said Elton who submit his concept to the alias Sumingan Mian, mechanical BBS Bandung, West Java.
Part of coolant in engine matic, Elton said using radiator Vario. However the pump radiator water circulation, player samples have a car. Plus in-out slang and also tube recervoir Harga Motor Vixion Then all devices are mounted behind the tebeng front or on top of the footrest.
Well, a unique cooling water circulation, flow from the radiator to the block of cylinders which have been modified. Grating cylinder blocks over to the left are discarded, made special space cooling flow. "Sekali Tu use aluminum plates, and then welded babet. Is the flow of cooling water, go over the top and out of the side blocks through the radiator hose, "said Elton who join in Team Racing Elpra Feat Bollung on JL. Raya Binong, Subang, West Java. Indeed different, Bro

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