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Yamaha Offer Safety Package on selling Motor CBU R1 and R6

The number of accidents number of users of large-capacity motor motor-motor gede alias (moge) Honda with a capacity above 250 cc, not undo the intentions PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) so narrow. Motorcycle manufacturing Japan's outspoken market CBU motor sport-motor capacity of 1,000 and 600 cc in Indonesia.

"But with this sale, we offer sales package with safety. Where our consumers will get a package in the form of a helmet Shoei, Arai, and others Harga Motor Supra X 125 Then the jacket Dainese Thursday or RS Taichi, riding boots and a glove. All of that has become our responsibility to focus on the safety of consumers. So not merely for selling, "said Indra Dwi Sunda, Corporate PR & Communication Head YIMM.
Simulating pricing for consumers, just by adding Rp 15 million. "If dihitung-hitung, this package we are certainly cheaper than individually purchased separately. That's why we want to provide the best for the consumer. So they can be at once stylish with designer apparel, "chimes in on Eko Prabowo, General Manager of Promotion and Community Development YIMM.

 Efforts are being made to prevent the Yamaha Indonesia accidents as a result of the use of motor-capacity machine gede, ought to be appreciated. For they not only care about safety, but also fosters an awareness of the particular drive behavior using the moge.

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