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Lady Gaga Interviewed specially by Karl Lagerfeld for the Bazaar

Wearing a pink Chanel design, Lady Gaga posed holding his dog, Asia, for Harper's Bazaar fashion magazine cover issue September 2014. For this edition of the magazine, Lady Gaga interviewed by designer Karl Lagerfeld, Harga Motor Vario who is Creative Director of Chanel.

Intertwined with the experience of Harga Honda CBR 150R Lagerfeld held a fashion show in Dubai in may, bulam Lagerfeld asked about Lady Gaga plans to hold a concert there. "I heard you're going to go to Dubai for the first time. I hope you will like it. I love it when the Chanel fashion show held in there, "said the designer's birth year was 133.
As reported by the Arabian Business, Wednesday (6/8/20140), Lady Gaga responds to Lagerfeld as saying "I am really excited to go there, meet the fans and give them special performances. And of course I had to explore the works of local designers and shopping ".

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