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June 25 2015


Face of Assen, Rossi Kapok Start from the third row

Face of Assen, Rossi Kapok Start from the third row
Valentino Rossi is already fed up of having to start from the second or third row due to poor performance in the qualifying session. Face the Netherlands MotoGP this weekend, the Movistar Yamaha racers was determined to perform better in practice sessions and qualifying.

The Doctor is indeed the most consistent in the tread of the stairs to the podium this season, but lost to the number of victories of the tandem, Jorge Lorenzo grabbed the winning streak in the last four series. Lorenzo is known very strong in qualifying, and this makes Rossi felt should be better again.

"For the sake of a fight with Jorge, I have to improve performance and focus. Jorge is better than me in qualifying. Now everything is so much more difficult because the other motor is also fast, but my device and Jorge are the same, so I have to be better, "said Rossi as reported by Crash.net.

Rossi ever believed he was not yet fully unleashed the potential of the YZR-M1. "Start from the third row is very difficult. Although he had a good race rhythm, I still lost a lot of time mend position because Jorge was already far ahead. We have to understand the potential of motor and ban us, "lid. http://dewi.soup.io
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August 07 2014


Suzuki TS 125

Gas Gas motorbike trial-made type Randone Amrik. Two-wheeled type of commonly used trial Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX 2014 game enthusiasts the world level.  But, for Benny Clay Rozaly, a specialist adventure builder Reference BCL (BCLR), Banyumas, baseball needs to buy Randone. Suzuki TS125 design shear enough so Randone.

Randone ala Banyumasan is suitable for Benny blusukan (exploration) are hooked in the wild. The draft really is in Harga Yamaha R25 sync with Randone wake for short tracks with steep climbs and derivative. Not surprisingly, these stylised trial modifications are more suited to the style of track traveled around the island of Java. "Make a trial Model of traction and tight fitting. Easily controlled and baseball tired, "explained this friendly guy.
 The basic concept of the trial make chassis lightly. The goal that eces are invited to jump in and lightly dibopong if slipping or terjerembab. Hence, the chassis design focus Benny lightly and fit model as a reference Gas Gas trial form. "The chassis, just down tube and original komstir used. The rest I use 1-inch steel pipe as a new chassis to the middle section of the piece, "Benny who had a workshop on JL. Raya No. 3, Embankment Embankment, Banyumas, Central Java this.

The form Rundone that slim body wrapped with PVC material sharing trial. But, fixed reference application form Rundone. As sepatbor front sepatbor back the mini and made like a motor that is good at jumping. Thanks to the material PVC, Benny is not afraid of falling. So, this very pliable sepatbor.

Yamaha Mio Soul, Eit.., Radiators Popped Tuh!

Wacky pisan. Participate in class Matic Racing Look, Elton Pratama thus lower motor racing official Yamaha Cuzztomtic 5 Bandung region. No responsibility-the responsibility of cooling technology, so Yamaha Mio Soul mainstay 2012. But, not Em-Plus wrong call ya. Indeed this skubek indeed replace bodi Fino. But the original, o Mio Soul.

A matter of cooling technology that is carried, Elton admitted using radiator for maximizing machine skubeknya the bore up to 150 cc Harga Yamaha new Vixion "Moreover, alight at Matic Race, lap or lap more than kejurda event or club event. So endurance is very important, "said Elton who submit his concept to the alias Sumingan Mian, mechanical BBS Bandung, West Java.
Part of coolant in engine matic, Elton said using radiator Vario. However the pump radiator water circulation, player samples have a car. Plus in-out slang and also tube recervoir Harga Motor Vixion Then all devices are mounted behind the tebeng front or on top of the footrest.
Well, a unique cooling water circulation, flow from the radiator to the block of cylinders which have been modified. Grating cylinder blocks over to the left are discarded, made special space cooling flow. "Sekali Tu use aluminum plates, and then welded babet. Is the flow of cooling water, go over the top and out of the side blocks through the radiator hose, "said Elton who join in Team Racing Elpra Feat Bollung on JL. Raya Binong, Subang, West Java. Indeed different, Bro

Yamaha Offer Safety Package on selling Motor CBU R1 and R6

The number of accidents number of users of large-capacity motor motor-motor gede alias (moge) Honda with a capacity above 250 cc, not undo the intentions PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) so narrow. Motorcycle manufacturing Japan's outspoken market CBU motor sport-motor capacity of 1,000 and 600 cc in Indonesia.

"But with this sale, we offer sales package with safety. Where our consumers will get a package in the form of a helmet Shoei, Arai, and others Harga Motor Supra X 125 Then the jacket Dainese Thursday or RS Taichi, riding boots and a glove. All of that has become our responsibility to focus on the safety of consumers. So not merely for selling, "said Indra Dwi Sunda, Corporate PR & Communication Head YIMM.
Simulating pricing for consumers, just by adding Rp 15 million. "If dihitung-hitung, this package we are certainly cheaper than individually purchased separately. That's why we want to provide the best for the consumer. So they can be at once stylish with designer apparel, "chimes in on Eko Prabowo, General Manager of Promotion and Community Development YIMM.

 Efforts are being made to prevent the Yamaha Indonesia accidents as a result of the use of motor-capacity machine gede, ought to be appreciated. For they not only care about safety, but also fosters an awareness of the particular drive behavior using the moge.

The range of Funds of Rp 8 millions of very flexible Select Duck Seken 2 years of usage

Funds in the range of $ 8 million, is actually very flexible to choose underbone seken. In addition the option year is also not very elders. Longest 2 years of usage. Harga Minerva R150VX The Motor that can be used as a reference is the Honda Revo. Much for a budget, the brother could be the output motkas 2012.

"General condition new motor that a year or two years of usage is still good. If there are conditions to note such Harga kawasaki Ninja 250 FI fast moving change filter oil change, brake shoes, it took the Most. check and service was nothing more than Rp 300 thousand, "said Azhar's former motor trader in Tebet, South Jakarta.
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The Ricasol Bra Dryer, dryer Foxy Lady Bra Made Kehujanan As the Turing

Technology for clothing, not just a trivial protectors embedded on the clothes. However, there is also a device on her treatment. For example, the Ricasol Bra Dryer, Harga Yamaha R15 set aside for lady bikers.

If ever there was a special dryer Harga Yamaha R1 for socks and shoes, this device is the dryer for a bra. Yup, a tool for £ 115, has the shape resembles a woman's chest. How it works, using infrared light eject steam. Alexander Farennikov this design tool can dry bra in 20 minutes.

Cheap World Racing Superbike Cancel?

Mid-July, the plan of deployment EVO Class (EC) at the World Superbike (WSBK) next season finally cancelled. Cancellation after the filing of the objection of the manufacturer of the contestants WSBK.

This means that in the next season the team contestants WSBK, as Yamaha Kawasaki, Ducati and Aprilia can still be creative for preparing bulk 1000 cc motorcycle.

Previously the WSBK test Regulation EC Central this season with the intention of emphasizing the cost to research motor. Technical specifications of the motor to the EC remains to 1,000 cc SUPERBIKE CHAMPIONSHIPS before. But, the difference is an electronic system used refers to the class of superstock Daftar Harga Motor CBR Electrical system the superstock so support race TEAMS is still the standard.
It turns out the fact the existence of EC are similar to the Open Class in the MotoGP. It happened in the race, showed the race WBSK
the balance between user classes of EC and non-EC. Motormotor non EC proved much faster on the track because it uses higher technology and sophisticated than users of EC motor.

Evident from the nine series which has been held only the motor from the category of non-capable EVO came out as the winner of the race. Look at WSBK rider who uses a motor-motor EC as locally abundant grid only. This has resulted in some manufacturers threatened to get out of the competition if the regulation remain forced. EVO

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Lady Gaga Interviewed specially by Karl Lagerfeld for the Bazaar

Wearing a pink Chanel design, Lady Gaga posed holding his dog, Asia, for Harper's Bazaar fashion magazine cover issue September 2014. For this edition of the magazine, Lady Gaga interviewed by designer Karl Lagerfeld, Harga Motor Vario who is Creative Director of Chanel.

Intertwined with the experience of Harga Honda CBR 150R Lagerfeld held a fashion show in Dubai in may, bulam Lagerfeld asked about Lady Gaga plans to hold a concert there. "I heard you're going to go to Dubai for the first time. I hope you will like it. I love it when the Chanel fashion show held in there, "said the designer's birth year was 133.
As reported by the Arabian Business, Wednesday (6/8/20140), Lady Gaga responds to Lagerfeld as saying "I am really excited to go there, meet the fans and give them special performances. And of course I had to explore the works of local designers and shopping ".


The price of gold Terdongkrak Strain Russia and America

The price of gold rose to the highest level in two weeks is probably reflected in the kawasaki European economic concerns and also tensions between Russia with the United States (US).

As written by The Wall Street Journal, Thursday (7/8/2014), the price of gold for December delivery rose US $ 22,90 or 1.8 percent to as low as US $ 1.308,20 per troy ounce.

It is the highest closing price sejal contracts conducted on July 21, and the largest increase registered in one day since June 19.

Italy again fell into recession for the third time since 2008. This makes the recovery of the economy in Harga Motor Ninja the European zone again stumbled. Italy gross domestic product fell 0.2 percent in the second quarter of this year.
The news stocks rising burden in the European region and make the price of gold soared as an alternative investment.

The Rally in gold prices continue to occur after Poland's Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski said that Russia's army is ready to conduct deeper pressure or attacked Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine and also in the Middle East which lasted for a few months to make the price of gold continues to soar. On Wednesday, Russia's President yesterday, Vladimir Putin signed a decree imposing restrictions on the import of agricultural materials from countries that sanction Russia.

"A weakening in the stock market and the conflict in Ukraine made some stock players choose to do the anticipation," explained Director of Kitco, Peter Hug.
Silver prices also suffered kenaikan1 percent to US $ 20.02 per troy ounce for the December contract. Gold and silver have a similar motion during this time because market participants see that there is a link between gold and silver.
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Juventus players were amazed with Action Juventini Indonesia

Jakarta-amazing Enthusiasm Juventini Indonesia while Juventus face a LEAGUE All Stars at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Wednesday (6/8/2014) night, makes the players of Juventus are amazed. They feel like playing a home fixture.

Juventus started the tour of Asia with a visit to Indonesia  Harga Motor Byson Massimiliano Allegri's troops managed to shave the ISL All Star 8-1. Striker Fernando Llorente brace so scoring a hat-trick and one assist.

Throughout the game 2-1 in the land of water lovers eager to sing the chant-chant as usual done ultras in Italy. The atmosphere Heats Bung Karno stadium was transformed into a tub of Juventus Stadium.
Players of Juventus are very pleased with the tremendous support of fans in Indonesia. Twitter account-assess Indonesia as second homes for the Agnelli Family-owned Club.

"The atmosphere in the Stadium tonight was amazing! Thank You Indonesia. Next stop Sydney, #BeliefOverHope #JuveTour, "chirping Kwadwo Asamoah Juventus left-wing.

"Thank you for all your support! Suzuki No longer will return to the field!!!, "said Arturo Vidal.

Although he did not appear at the GBK because still not fit, Vidal got a warm welcome from Juventini Indonesia. Since an open practice session, fans in GBK often sings shouted shouted support for Vidal.
"A superb Match. These three goals I dedicate to Indonesia supporters are fantastic #JuveTour Forza Juve!! #vamosss, "said Llorente.

"Thank you to all the fans who welcomed us in Jakarta," said young Juventus player Kingsley Coman.

Teach Creatively Make Games, How?

In this digital age, digital games more lively and very popular kids. Despite the variety of game types Harga Honda Verza more digital characters more and interesting creative children's toys, but also turned out to be no less exciting.

As Managing Director of PT delivered Faber-Castell International Indonesia, Yandramin Halim, technological development is not always a positive influence on a child's creativity. This is because it is giving instant impact that children tend to be more passive.

"Teach creativity in children it can be done with a variety of things, such as teach children to make gifts for brother, grandmother, or parents with the results of his own work Harga Honda Beat FI In addition to his creativity, children can trigger so much pride in his work that his creativity is also growing, "said Halim, as written on Wednesday (20/11/2013).

According to Halim, when children find out that something was given to other people could be from his own business, the children will be happy because his work is appreciated.

"Creativity can be obtained from the nearest environment that families and schools. With carrying the game like drawing, coloring, compiling or assembling, creating handicraft making role playing, and playing in the wild can encourage more creative, "he added.
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Main CROSSWORD Help Boost Memory the little

If want to make your little one has a sharp memory try invite she filled sudoku and crossword puzzles Harga Yamaha T maxAccording to researchers from the University of Cambridge this activity can stimulate the brain's abilities.

Certainly there have been many who know that play sudoku make the memories of children increased, whereas the crossword puzzle was how to improve the ability of verbal as well as learning vocabulary.

As reported by the Daily Mail Wednesday, (6/8/2014) entitled the research Puzzle in Education was added, that the benefits of the activity of the two games is more than that Harga Yamaha X ride especially in the fields of psychology and cognitive ability in children aged 7-11 years.

Sudoku, the game otak-atik the number from Japan is very useful to teach mathematics and natural sciences. Whereas, if wanting to know the vocabulary and the new term, experts advise to play crossword puzzles with a given topic. This will help children fluently knows the term, improve memory and even the ability to solve problems.
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